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Industry Report - Optimizing the Last Mile of the Supply Chain

Industry Report - Optimizing the Last Mile of the Supply Chain

Though life sciences companies see value across the full supply chain, it’s the last mile that matters the most to the customer. With this in mind, we surveyed 150+ pharma logistics leaders to learn more about the key challenges, solutions and trends impacting the last mile of the life sciences supply chain.

Highlights include:

  • Analysis of what causes the most last mile disruptions and how firms are addressing these issues
  • An overview of our respondents top strategic priorities
  • Facts & figures that outline where cold chain leaders are looking to invest in 2018 & 2019
Market Challenges: Distributing Medicines in Canada 2018

Market Challenges: Distributing Medicines in Canada 2018

To be adequately equipped to distribute medicines throughout Canada, pharma firms must be fully educated on the bespoke pain points this region has to offer. Canada plays a considerable role in the production and distribution of the world’s medicines. The nation’s pharmaceutical market is primed to grow to $25 bn by 2021, according to consulting firm GlobalData.With a 2.5% share of the global market, Canada stands as the 10th largest pharma market. It is also one of the leading locations for clinical trials. However, Canada has unique complications and hurdles, which greatly complicate the task of distributing temperature sensitive medicines within the region. 

In this in-depth whitepaper, we explore the challenges and opportunities associated with achieving temperature supply chain excellence in Canada such as:

  • Vast Territories 
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Validated Cold Chain Systems 
  • Outsourcing and Collaboration 
  • Globalization 
  • Import/Export Challenges 
  • Customs Clearance
BENCHMARKING REPORT: Are You Spending Too Much On Temperature Controlled Logistics

BENCHMARKING REPORT: Are You Spending Too Much On Temperature Controlled Logistics

Strategic and effective supply chain planning and management can help improve processes, increase cost efficiency and provide a robust, secure end-to-end journey for products. But maintaining GDP compliance whilst ensuring cost efficiency throughout the supply chain can often be challenging; selecting the right partners and solutions, and managing them effectively, is critical in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure from the planning stages right through to the last mile.

We wanted to build an understanding of the areas of the supply chain where the TCL market is overspending, and examine how these areas could be improved to increase cost-effectiveness. This report will analyze the most important considerations when selecting supply chain partners, taking into account the importance of price compared to other elements such as technology and level of service. It will also look into the current barriers to reducing supply chain costs and the new technologies that have the potential to uncover efficiencies in supply chain management.

Cyber Security in Pharma: 2018 Report

Cyber Security in Pharma: 2018 Report

Experts forecast that 2018 can expect cyber breaches only to get bigger with hackers and technologies getting smarter. This reality forces all organizations to bolster their defences – some are turning to machine-learning based features to automate risk detection by filtering alert data.

Alongside utilising the benefits of digitalization, such as IoT enabled manufacturing and cloud systems, the industry must too understand the cyber security vulnerabilities and respond with the needed precautions. The sensitive data housed by healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech firms are key targets for hackers. GDPR regulators are predicted to make an example of firms which do not take safeguarding data subjects seriously.

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