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Market Challenges: Distributing Medicines in Canada 2018

Market Challenges: Distributing Medicines in Canada 2018

To be adequately equipped to distribute medicines throughout Canada, pharma firms must be fully educated on the bespoke pain points this region has to offer. Canada plays a considerable role in the production and distribution of the world’s medicines. The nation’s pharmaceutical market is primed to grow to $25 bn by 2021, according to consulting firm GlobalData.With a 2.5% share of the global market, Canada stands as the 10th largest pharma market. It is also one of the leading locations for clinical trials. However, Canada has unique complications and hurdles, which greatly complicate the task of distributing temperature sensitive medicines within the region. 

In this in-depth whitepaper, we explore the challenges and opportunities associated with achieving temperature supply chain excellence in Canada such as:

  • Vast Territories 
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Validated Cold Chain Systems 
  • Outsourcing and Collaboration 
  • Globalization 
  • Import/Export Challenges 
  • Customs Clearance

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